Bad Plug-in, BAD! Google Analytics 3 codes for WordPress

Sorry, been down trying to determine the cause of an error that was occurring on the site preventing me form uploading photos. The culprit was the “Google Analytics 3 codes for WordPress,” plug-in,┬ádon’t use it until they update it for the latest version of WordPress. When I updated to the newst version of WordPress last week, this bad boy wreaked havoc with my site, but we’re better now…uh… well, not having that issue anymore anyway. I’ll be back with snarky comments tomorrow about Anthony Weiner, Facebook and the Mitsubishi i-Miev.

One thought on “Bad Plug-in, BAD! Google Analytics 3 codes for WordPress”

  1. Yeah, I have installed my fair share of WordPress plugins that don’t do squat. WordPress updates can destroy the effectiveness of a perfectly working plugin. The sad thing is you may not notice it for awhile. I have not used Google Analytics 3 codes, but I can relate to your frustration.

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