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Using Discrimination To Fight Discrimination

Discrimination Protest Puts San Francisco 49er Fan Spirit Into Question

Ever since Friday’s preseason NFL game featuring the San Francisco 49ers versus the Green Bay Packers, I’ve been hesitant to post to social media with the usual smack talking enthusiasm I normally have when taunting my fellow football maniacs. There’s been ┬ámore attention paid to what happened on the bench than what occurred during the game as Colin Kaepernick decided to sit out the National Anthem in protest of police shootings and discrimination. His actions had a lot of negative repercussions that I wasn’t prepared to deal as the backlash took social media by storm and left me conflicted on whether or not I could still unabashedly support my favorite football team. But as I thought it through this past week, and began to gather my thoughts as I chimed in on a few posts discussing the issue, I have finally come to terms with the situation.

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