Rapture Wrap Up

Randy Savage vs. Jesus Christ in the Rumble in the Rapture
Randy Savage vs. Jesus Christ in the Rumble in the Rapture

Here it is Monday and my life feels so empty now. The days leading up to the falsely prophesied event made for some very entertaining tweets, memes and Facebook status updates.  “People were telling rapture jokes like there’s no tomorrow!” ba-da-bump-ch-ching! Thank you, I’ll be here all week, try the veal and be sure to tip your waitress.

My personal favorite, other then the Randy Macho Man Savage preparing to take down JC to save mankind, was @RaptureHelpDesk. Denying rumors of Jesus being Raptimpotent, and “TRUE FACT: @Jesus did not fake the #RAPTURE to clear out ticket lines so he could get into #SNL tonight with @jtimberlake and @LadyGaga” kept me rolling on the go. I couldn’t wait for the next 130 characters to pop up in my feed.

Sadly, the only thing that was raptured at the end of the day was @rapturehelpdesk when it signed off. Here’s to hoping it comes back in December 2012 when the Mayans get their shot at being ridiculed. Just before the “END TRANSMISSION” tweet, they did tease with “For now, all we ask is that you be good, love one another, and achieve a few goals… we will see you again in December 2012!”

Until then, you can review all the hilarity in it’s glory at http://twitter.com/#!/RaptureHelpDesk. Follow it and forget about it and maybe you’ll get a nice surprise in 18 months as the tweets hopfully start to flow again to entertain you until the next real end of the world comes.

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